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San Miguel de Allende is truly a city of beautiful boutique hotels and private villas. It is also a very walkable town so we recommend staying downtown in order to be able to walk around and explore. We narrowed down a long list of amazing hotels - our best recommendations are below! Most hotels in San Miguel are very happy to help set up transportation for you from the airport if you prefer to have their help in scheduling!

San Miguel de Allende es verdaderamente una ciudad de hermosos hoteles boutique y villas privadas. También es una ciudad muy transitable, por lo que recomendamos quedarse en el centro para poder caminar y explorar. Redujimos una larga lista de hoteles increíbles: ¡nuestras mejores recomendaciones están a continuación! ¡La mayoría de los hoteles en San Miguel estarán encantados de ayudarle a organizar el transporte desde el aeropuerto si prefiere contar con su ayuda en la programación!

Hacienda El Santuario San Miguel

Great 4- star hotel located in the heart of the city. A beautiful boutique hotel that has 24 rooms. Each room is special and some include a kitchen. Not all rooms have air conditioning so please make sure to ask if that is something you are considering. Delicious breakfast is included!

Phone: +52 415 156 1001

E-mail: reservaciones2@grupomexicoreal.com

Reservation Code: Boda Teffany y Zachary


L’Ôtel at Dôce18 Concept House is a vibrant and stimulating getaway in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, housed in the iconic Casa Cohen, where contemporary designs and colonial architecture blend together to surpirse guests with an unforggetable stay crafted to provoke restoration and enjoyment, from cloud-like beds, to unique art and luxurious baths.

Phone: +52 415 154 7114

Hotel Concepcion

A cute boutique hotel located in downtown San Miguel de Allende that has 19 rooms!

Phone: 415 688 3860

Whatsapp: +52 415 168 3729

Reservation Code: Teffany & Zchary

Live Aqua - $$$

The stunning design of Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende, located near the Obraje Dam, beautifully captures the historical richness and cultural charm of one of the most beautiful locales in Mexico, internationally listed as one of the best cities in the world.

This hotel is definitely the furtherest hotel listed on our website. It is on the outskirts of town so if you want a more secluded "resort" stay then this is for you! You will have to take a shuttle or taxi to and from town.

Phone: +52 415 150 2300 ext 30004

E-mail: reservacionesaqsm@posadas.com

Reservation code: AQWED

Cantera 1910 Hotel Boutique

Cantera 1910 is a unique boutqiue hotel that has a privileged location just a few meters from the main garden of the city, from the majestic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel and very close to the best attractions of this wonderful destination!

Phone: +52 415 688 4030

Rosewood Hotel - $$$

If you're looking for a luxury hotel stay, look no further! This 5-Star hotel located on the edge of the town center, has all the amenities you need and more. Plus it has one of the best rooftop bars in town.

+1 855 669 7774

Casa 1810 Collection Hotel

Casa 1810 Collection is a group of luxury hotels located in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Their outstanding service and particular style are characteristics that apply to both of their locations. It is a quick 3 minute walk to town center.

Contact Name: Luis Corona

Phone: +52 415 121 3501

Whatsapp: 415 101 0261

E-mail: sales@casa1810.com

Reservation Code: Teffany & Zchary

Hotel Apapacho Boutique

The Hotel Apapacho is a beautiful 5-star boutique design hotel with six rooms that blend history, modern conveniences and a touch of luxury. When we visited, we wished we had stayed here!. We loved the look & feel of this place, the fact that each room has its own private patio or balcony, and the curated art collection that reflects the creative spirit of San Miguel de Allende. It also has a gorgeous roof deck bar with views over the city.

Phone: +52 415 688 3898

Hotel Real de Minas

Very affordable! It is a bit out of the way from the town center so you may need a taxi!

Phone: +52 415 152 2626

E-mail: reservaciones1@mexicoreal.com

Reservation Code: Teffany & Zchary


There are plenty of 2-7+ bedroom villa rentals that are in or walking distance to the center of town. These can be highly affordable (sometimes as low as US$50-100 / room per night) and a great option for groups of our friends or family. Some of them even come with onsite staff — kitchen, cleaning and manager — that can grocery shop, cook meals and arrange activities.