Gift Registry/ Registro de Regalos

Crate & Barrel

We chose Crate & Barrel for all of our kitchen and entertainment needs. Teffany and Zack love entertaining family and friends at their new house. If you'd like to contribute to those related items, please visit the link below!

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Pottery Barn

We chose Pottery Barn to mainly furnish our master bedroom. These items will provide us with an amazing finishing touch to our house, as this is the final room to complete!

We understand that most items are expensive. If you'd like to contribute to a certain item, please feel free to send us a gift card. For individual or group gift cards, click here!

Address: 9226 Clayberry St, Houston, TX 77080

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We chose Amazon to include some random miscellaneous items that we need around the house at a great price point. Some are for decoration, while most serve a specific utility.

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Cash & Checks

If you wish to simply send money to us so that we can put it to use in the way we see best fit, our address is listed below for you to mail cash or checks.

9226 Clayberry St Houston, TX 77080